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  •   All of our dogs and puppy's are AKC American Kennel  Club registered. Hip and elbow certified. Our lineage is also hip certified (A stamp) in Europe. and  DM clear.
  • Our dogs are not just family pets but have proven their disposition in field trials and obedience competitions. They have the looks. brains,  drive, and the heart to be great companions in a work environment or family fun.
  • We socialize our pups at home (not a large kennel) from the moment they are born.
  • We offer pups starting at PRICE: $1500.and up  + Shipping (if shipping applies) with limited AKC registration.
  • No puppy's are sold as breeding dogs. 
  • A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300.00 is required to reserve your puppy. Pup & shipping charges must be paid for in full, with a postal  money order/cashier's check or credit card no later than 2 weeks prior to shipping.
  • Shipping charges: $350.00 which includes airfair within the continental United States, a size 200 crate, and health certificate. (If  pup has outgrown the 200 crate, an additional charge will be added for the larger crate size.)


 Health Guarantee: Our guarantees are only implied between the the breeder (Svectzhaus) & the  original buyer, not to a 3rd party. Our pups are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. They will have received at least their first set of booster shots in our care.

 You must take your pup to the veternarian within 72 hours of purchase for general health exam.  Neglect in worming, innoculations or nutrition will nullify any & all guarantees. If a life altering/threatening birth defect is found other than cosmetic (i.e. non erect ears, missing tooth,  umbilical hernia, tail kink, etc.), within the first  year of the pup's birth, I will replace the pup with one of equal value of same sex from next available litter. If pup is bred (male or female),  guarantee is void. Do not take the pup into parks, pet stores, or other public places where other dogs frequent until at least 4 months of age. Keep risk of exposure to parvo, corona, distemper,  kennel cough, etc (all communicable diseases) to a minimum. I do not guarantee against communicable diseases.  

If pup is found to have a life threatening, hereditary defect, the breeder will then proceed with a  replacement pup. If buyer wishes to return the pup, then any & all shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

 Hip Guarantee: This pup is guaranteed to be free of moderate or severe hip dysplasia up to the  age of 12 months. If pup is used for breeding, the guarantee is void. If this pup is found to have hereditary hip dysplasia at 12 months, I will replace the pup with one of equal value of same sex  from next available litter. This guarantee does not cover dysplasia due to injury or improper nutrition or environmental conditions. If pup has not been x-rayed or diagnosed by the time pup  reaches 12 months, all guarantees are void.

 All expenses for the above mentioned procedures are the sole responsibility of the buyer. After  all the above procedures have been completed, the breeder will then proceed with pup replacement. No money will be refunded. Any and all additional shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  

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