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These precede the dog's name on a pedigree.

VA-Vorzuglich-Auslese-excellent select(only awarded at the National Specialty GSD show in the country the VA is awarded in. Other countries besides Germany do have similar systems and title representations.)
SG-Sehr Gut-very good The SG rating is the highest offered in young dog competitions, 12-18 month and 18-24 month age groups, as well as following the VA and V awards in the adult classes. 
KKL1-Breed Survey Class 1-the best breed survey classification given
KKL2-Breed survey class 2. There are a number of things that determine which breed survey classification a dog receives.

HIP Certifications-the "a" stamp is required for a dog to pass a breed survey.
"a" normal-certified normal hips
"a" fast normal-certified near normal hips
"a"-noch zugelassen-still permissible

Sieger-the best male at the national conformation speciality show of that respective country, countries other than Germany also have Sieger shows. 
Siegerin-The best female at the national conformation specialty show of that respective country.
VA-The Sieger is VA-1, and a few other extremely good dogs also usually receive the VA rating, meaning they were very close to the Sieger in the judge's opinion.

SchH1,2,3-Schutzhund includes three different phases which are tracking, obedience, and protection. A dog must pass all three phases and have an overall passing score to earn a SchH title.

FH-Trailing Dog (separate title and competition from the SchH tracking.)
FH2-Higher level of Trailing Dog competition.
INT-International SchH title. DPO-Police Dog competition title.