Ione Rose Garden Cottage

A unique vacation rental in Amador county.


Rose Cottage
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Because of the abundance of flowers and trees on this fully fenced,  property, it has been described as a beautiful oasis.

 Depending on when you arrive, there are almost always some type of flowers blooming, or trees in fruit. With over one hundred roses, plus an abundance of Lilacs, Iris's, Tulips, Daffodils, Lilly's of the Valley, and Day Lilly's, the gardens welcome you to a relaxing, enchanting stroll through the grounds.

You can view the  geese and chickens wandering the grounds.

Always entertaining and always enjoyable.

 We look forward to your visit. :)

The cottage is also famous for its Iris flowers.

There is almost always something blooming or ready like apricots, figs, ect.. With permission you can pick them and Enjoy.

We have our own Wonderland!

filled with horshoes, checkers and flamingo croquet !